The DROWZLE® Sleep Health Program

The Foundation for Airway Health is pleased to announce a partnership
with RESONEA® and The Sleep Ambassador®

The DROWZLE Sleep Health Program


The DROWZLE Sleep Health Program is a comprehensive sleep health and behavior improvement program that includes access to the Sleep Well Live Well sleep improvement program and DROWZLE, a digital component, to help you, your patients and your community.

Resonea, Inc., is a sleep health technology company whose mission is to advance the science of sleep health to improve performance, safety, and quality-of-life. Our DROWZLE Sleep Health Program combines the SLEEP WELL/LIVE WELL sleep improvement program and, DROWZLE, for ongoing assessment, maintenance and adherence.

The DROWZLE Sleep Health Program fills a void in today’s wellness landscape and

engages everyone, whether they struggle with poor sleep habits or have a sleep

disorder, to achieve sustainable sleep improvement, as well as offering a

pre-screening tool to assess risk for obstructive sleep apnea.

To sign up for the program, CLICK HERE.


DROWZLE offers a personalized, interactive analysis of a person’s overall

sleep health and sleep breathing. Also included is gamification for daytime

assessment of reaction time as a mirror of sleep quality and quantity. Of note

for medical practitioners is DROWZLE PRO, the prescription version of DROWZLE

recently cleared by the FDA as the first-ever smartphone-based home sleep test.

DROWZLE PRO can be used by providers to aid in the evaluation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Please contact for more information about DROWZLE PRO.

SLEEP WELL/LIVE WELL is a 4-week, self-managed program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed for better sleep, heightened productivity, and healthier living. The program offers an excellent opportunity for health care professionals to enhance treatment success by integrating sleep health "best practices" and by empowering patients in their own care and wellness.

The Sleep Well/Live Well curriculum includes an online modular sleep education workshop, and detailed, easy-to-use workbooks to guide participants through the four-week program. The program’s workbooks are a rich resource for engagement including:

• Participant Workbook - A comprehensive resource filled with basic sleep science principles, sleep strategies, and guidance to support habit-changing behaviors to improve sleep health and quality. Also included is a curated library of sleep information for those who want a more robust understanding of myriad sleep-related topics and an overview of select sleep enhancement tools.

• Bedside Workbook - Your 4-week bedside companion which provides a step-by-step pathway to understand your sleep challenges, engage in select habit shifts, identify and make bedroom modifications, and experience the impact of positive behavior changes over time.

The Sleep Well/Live Well online program offers participants the flexibility to engage with the program at times that are convenient for them. We welcome you, your patients, and your community to engage in the program. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep!

A portion of your DROWZLE Sleep Health Program registration fee of $200 will go to the Foundation for Airway Health.

To sign up and submit your payment for the program, CLICK HERE .