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Sleep Well, Live Well

Posted on 11/1/2018 by Foundation for Airway Health
Cicadian Logo The Foundation for Airway Health is pleased to announce a partnership of CIRCADIAN®; Corporate Sleep Programs and the Foundation for Airway Health: Sleep Well/Live Well™, an online sleep improvement program for individuals, as well as for medical, dental, and other practitioners to offer to their patients and community.

Sleep Well/Live Well is a 4-week, self-managed program designed to teach individuals the skills and strategies needed for better sleep, heightened productivity, and healthier living. The program also offers an excellent opportunity for health care professionals to enhance treatment by integrating sleep health and empowering patients to be partners in their care and wellness.

There is substantial and irrefutable scientific evidence which reveals that the third of our lives spent sleeping pro- foundly impacts the two-thirds we spend awake. Insufficient sleep directly impacts our health, productivity, creativity, communication and focus. Sleep Well/Live Well fills a void in today’s wellness landscape. and engages everyone struggling with poor sleep hygiene and/or habits – or disordered sleep – to embark on sustainable sleep improvements.

The Sleep Well/Live Well structured curriculum includes an online modular sleep education workshop, and detailed, easy-to-use workbooks to guide participants through the four-week program. The program’s workbooks are a rich resource for information on sleep science and sleep strategies and offer opportunities for enhanced learning. The Sleep Well/Live Well online platform offers participants the flexibility to engage with the program at times that are convenient for them. This self-managed program creates an awareness of the effects of sleep insufficiency, educates participants in basic sleep science principles, and facilitates habit-changing behaviors related to sleep.

We welcome you to engage in the program, as well as for medical, dental and other practitioners to offer Sleep Well/Live Well to their patients and community. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep!

A portion of your Sleep Well/Live Well registration fee will go to the Foundation.

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To sign up for the program, please go to We are offering a 15% discount through 12-31-18. Please use the Coupon Code GoodSleepFAH2018. We are excited to support your pathway to sleep optimization and good health.
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