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Our Vision

Lives transformed through optimal airway structure and function

Our Mission: The Mission of the Foundation for Airway Health is to help the public realize their maximum potential by championing the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of airway related disorders through collaboration, awareness, research, and education.

The Values of The Foundation for Airway Health Are:

The FAH is an inclusive organization, a partnership of the public, healthcare practitioners, corporate entities and industry organizations interested in learning, networking, and collaborating to foster optimal patient care. Our healthcare practitioner outreach extends to physicians, dentists, osteopaths, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, myofunctional therapists, nutritionists and more.

• Integrity: freedom from conflict of interest

• Compassion for those manifesting the effects of poor airway health

• Accessibility to care from a collaborative team of health professionals

• Transparency in all Foundation activities

• Collaborative collective action to change lives

Pioneering Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Education

Founded in 2012, the Foundation for Airway Health is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness with the general public and the healthcare industry. Through its initiatives, the Foundation seeks to highlight the role of airway in overall health and well-being for all, and educate clinicians to recognize the role and importance of optimal airway physiology and sleep in the areas of health, development, performance, and function.

The FAH Seeks to Accomplish This Through:

• Developing innovative public awareness campaigns

• Advancing interdisciplinary collaboration

• Developing educational materials for the healthcare industry

• Providing multidisciplinary referral resources for optimal care

• Promoting affordable airway care for all

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