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Airway Advocate Workshops and Webinars

Calendar of Events

Designed by national experts in the field of Airway and Sleep, these intensive workshops or webinars - designed for practioners in direct contact with patients such as dentists, doctors, dental hygienists, nurses, PT and OT practitioners and more - address the unique challenges you may face incorporating Airway and Sleep in your practice.

Hands-on training provides you with skill refreshers, new approaches and techniques not found anywhere else. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned practitioner, this program will strengthen your understanding of the core elements of screening for airway and sleep disorders, as well as delve into contemporary perspectives and practices for the management of this complex population. This course reviews the core elements of evaluating airway and sleep, but it does so much more. Our presenter, Julia Worrall, bridges the gap between airway and breathing, sleep and daytime function, mind-body, psychosocial implications, pain conditions, postural implications, and why any practitioner who lays hands on a patient should have a thorough knowledge of this foundational physiological need.

No events scheduled at this time.

We need YOU!
Are you a healthcare provider who thinks critically? Are you curious why the body responds the way it does to life’s stressors, to food, to disease, to treatment and medications? Do you want to be considered a scientist and innovator – a change agent for the world of health care today? Help us bring this education to your area: Contact us for information on hosting or sponsoring an Airway Advocate Workshop!

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