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Take the Pledge and Get Listed

Are you an Airway Friendly Provider?

The Foundation for Airway Health was formed to help the public

realize their maximum potential by championing the recognition,

diagnosis, and treatment of airway-related disorders through

collaboration, awareness, research, education, and access to care.

A mere fraction of sufferers get the right diagnosis. You can fix that.

The Foundation for Airway Health prioritizes widespread screening

as the first critical step toward resolving the hidden epidemic of

airway health problems. FAH is a “big tent” of professionals including

allergists, cranial osteopaths, dentists, ENT’s, oral maxillofacial

surgeons, orthodontists, myofunctional therapists, nutritionists, and

physical therapists….anyone who can affect the airway and someone’s

ability to breathe.

We are looking for professionals who will take the FAH pledge and are

willing to be listed as a resource for the public.

No membership or fee is required.

If you want to support the Foundation for Airway Health's mission to:

• Raise awareness and educate the public about the airway

• Define the problems and issues related to poor airway health

• Encourage people to seek examinations and a comprehensive diagnosis

• Aid the public in identifying how to access proper diagnosis and care can Take the Pledge and become a listed practitioner in the

Directory of Airway Friendly Providers.

Please see our sample screening form for practitioners before taking the pledge.

MAKE A PERSONAL COMMITMENT TO DONATE SERVICES: Here's a great way for you to make a direct connection and support the mission at the same time. Make a personal commitment to donate services in your own community, to help the people you know need it the most. Even one screening can improve a life! We are collecting these commitments and will recognize these generous providers in the future.

Click here to let us know of your commitment.

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