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CRT Member Spotlight: GreenSky Patient Solutions

GreenSky LLC is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: GSKY) financial technology company founded in 2006 based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides technology to banks and practices to make loans to patients for healthcare-related treatments. GreenSky also facilitates loans to consumers for home improvement, solar, and other purposes. Financing for GreenSky credit programs is provided by one of 14 federally insured, federal- and state-chartered financial institutions. To date, over $15 billion has been lent through GreenSky credit program.

In 2018, GreenSky joined the Foundation for Airway Health Corporate Roundtable, adding to the suite of corporations that support the mission of the Foundation.

"We are proud of our relationship with GreenSky because the company is aware of the large number of patients that suffer from airway-related breathing disorders and, through GreenSky's online portal and mobile applications, patients can now proceed with treatment at affordable monthly payments," explained Sal Rodas, Executive Director at the Foundation for Airway Health.

Eddie Ortega, a Regional Director at GreenSky, states that one of his family members fell victim to airway disorders. "The mission of the Foundation for Airway Health is in line with my personal desire to bring awareness to these conditions." Mr. Ortega further explained that, "At GreenSky Patient Solutions, we believe helping patients to afford your optimal treatment plan is critical to achieving the best possible outcome. Our goal is to make patient financing easy, fast and seamless, enabling you to offer affordable, quality care to every patient."

For information on how you might benefit from patient financing services, contact Eddie Ortega at eddie.ortega@greenskycredit.com or visit: https://www.greensky.com/healthcare/

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