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Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider

At FAH, we believe it’s critical that all healthcare practitioners are aware of the importance of a healthy airway. Sadly, many are not, and so we recommend that patients not only educate themselves about protecting the airway but also advocate that their practitioners do the same. Below are the Top 10 questions we encourage patients (or their parents) to ask healthcare providers to determine whether protecting the airway is one of their priorities:

• If my infant is having trouble nursing, what do you feel are the consequences of switching to bottle feeding?

• Do you examine infants for tongue ties?

• What is your opinion on pacifier use?

• How significant do you think it is that my child has an open mouth posture or is a habitual mouth breather?

• Do you view snoring as something my child will outgrow? Or do you see it as a symptom of a more serious health issue?

• How often do you recommend sleep studies for your patients? What are some of the main reasons you would make this recommendation?

• Do you feel that breathing or sleeping issues may underlie my child’s learning and/or behavioral issues?

• Are you concerned when a child has chronic congestion, or do you feel that nowadays, everyone suffers from allergies?

• Do you believe that extracting teeth is ever a solution for dental issues?

• How do you feel about conventional orthodontics like braces? Do you feel there are any drawbacks to them?

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