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The Story of One is the Story of Many

The story of a frustrated mother’s discovery of her child’s airway problem does so much to raise

awareness - and questions. Why did the mother have to discover it herself? Why did no practitioner mention it earlier? Why do airway problems stay hidden from the minds and eyes of the public and practitioners?

It is painful to read these stories and even more painful to know how many parents still search for answers, or worse, have surrendered to the idea their child will have lifelong problems. Several years ago, the story of Connor Deegan reached tens of thousands. Melody Yazdani's original Facebook story about her son Kian has reached hundreds of thousands. It is a must read for all our Airway Advocates. Read it - and take action!

If you are a practitioner, share your patient stories. If you are a parent, patient, relative or friend of anyone with an airway story - please share it. We will help anyone tell their story.

Airway/sleep problems can be treated today, they just need to be identified. Early recognition and treatment in children can prevent learning, performance, behavior and health issues. Share your story, because the story of one is the story of many.

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